Detroit Flag
The flag of Detroit, Michigan was designed in 1907 by David E. Heineman and was later adopted in 1948. The flag is divided into four quadrants. The upper left and lower right quadrants depict a field of white stars on a blue background and alternating white and red stripes, respectively, which is representative of the United States of America. The upper right quadrant depicts three yellow lions of a red background, which is symbolic of the Kingdom of Great Britain, which controlled the area from 1760-1796. The lower left quadrant depicts five yellow fleur-de-lis on a white background, which represent France, which founded the settlement in 1701. The cities seal is depicted in the center and features two Latin mottoes: "Speramus Meliora" and "Resurget Cineribus", which mean "We hope for better things" and "It will rise from the ashes", respectively. The seal also depicts the Detroit fire of June 11, 1805[1].
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